They traversed a wealth of worldwide music with voices of considerable bloom, enviable pitching, impeccable diction and a real sense of fun. Think a young, female Hilliard Ensemble - The Prickle Arts

Crème de la crème in the crowded a cappella space...a highly recommended show
— The Edinburgh Fringe Review
Photo: Colin Butterworth (Avoncroft Museum)

Photo: Colin Butterworth (Avoncroft Museum)

PAPAGENA... an a cappella vocal group set up to explore the wealth of music from medieval times to the present day written specifically for female voices. No props, microphones or gimmicks, just five stunning voices form Papagena. The singers are all classically trained and include amongst their number a conductor, saxophonist, composer, opera and oratorio soloists. 

But the group’s programming defies pigeonholing; drawing richly on traditional folk music and women’s working songs from around the world, Papagena juxtaposes these pieces with more classical repertoire from Hildegard of Bingen and Purcell to Winnie Brückner and Imogen Heap. As well as writing their own material, Papagena commissions new arrangements and pieces from an eclectic range of composers, including recent offerings from Jim Clements and Errollyn Wallen

The group has toured Scotland, southern England, as well as giving performances in numerous UK festivals in London, Oxford, the South West and the Midlands. 

The singers are Lizzie Drury, Suzie Purkis, Abbi Temple, Sarah Tenant-Flowers* & Suzzie Vango*



Recent news and coming up…

A busy 2018 awaits with a much anticipated return to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August, welcomed back by the centrally located St Andrew and St George's West Church on George Street. Dates are confirmed as 21st-24th August 2018. 

Before that, in May/June concerts are confirmed in Cheshire, The Midlands and Dorset.

Following the success of Papagena's much awaited debut album "Nuns and Roses" which they toured throughout the spring and summer across the UK, including Dorset, Devon, Oxfordshire and The Midlands, the tour of their advent programme "The Darkest Midnight" at the end of 2017 was so successful there are plans to record the album for release in Autumn 2018.

The group have bid a fond farewell to their alto, Steph Seeney who has gone on to take up the role as Head of Singing for Bromley Music Service. Birmingham based mezzo-soprano, Suzie Purkis will replace her.

A busy 2016/17 saw the group make their debut at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with their popular "Nuns and Roses" programme, becoming a "highly recommended show" and being dubbed "crème de la crème in a crowded a cappella space" with a release of the album in 2017. Other appearances included performances at Christchurch Priory, All Hallows, Shropshire and Bromsgrove Music Festivals and outing for two brand new programmes featuring lutenist Lynda Sayce - "Echoes of the Holy Land" at Our Lady’s Festival “In Jesus’ Steps” and their advent themed "The Darkest Midnight" at St Mary Magdalen's, Oxford.

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