"The extraordinary voices of ensemble who went down a storm at our Maida Vale studios" - Sarah Walker, BBC Radio 3

Please scroll down to see examples of three of papagena's current programmes:
  • Nuns and Roses

  • The Darkest Midnight

  • My Heart is Ready

Nuns and Roses

Ranging from the chant of Hildegard of Bingen to the hoovering fantasia of Stephen Hatfield, from Purcell to Katy Perry, this programme is a musical cocktail of folk, medieval classical and contemporary styles, woven into a tapestry which is both sacred and profane, tender, witty and urbane.


Cattle Call - Scottish trad. arr Katy Cooper

Veni, Veni Emmanuel - Michael John Trotta

Otche Nash - Nikolai Kedrov

Crown of Roses - P I Tchaikovsky

O Jesulein zart - Winnie Brückner

There is no Rose - English 15th century

O Virtus Sapientiae - Hildegard of Bingen

Shen Khar Venakhi - Armenian arr. Komitas

Hamisha Asar - Flory Jagoda arr. Suzzie Vango

God says Yes - Paul Carey

Lauliku Lapsepoli - Veljo Tormis

Changeling’s Lullaby - Jess Arrowsmith/Lady Maisery

Pseudo-Yoik - Jaakko Mäntyjärvi

Kakwa Moma - Bulgarian Volkslied arr. Knorrn

Ca’ the Yowes - Scottish arr. M Coleridge

Lagan Love - Trad Irish

Hebridean Spinning Song - Trad arr. Mark Hewitt

Mouth Music - arr. D Keane & J Faulkner

Jack’s Valentine - Libby Larsen

Hide and Seek - Imogen Heap arr. S T-Flowers

Three Ways to Vacuum your House, Part 1 - Stephen Hatfield

Music for a While - Purcell arr. Gunnar Eriksson

Firework - Katy Perry arr. Jim Clements

Du bist die Ruh - Franz Schubert arr. J Clements

Sweet Child of Mine - Guns ‘n’ Roses arr. S Vango

The darkest midnight

Medieval, Celtic and contemporary carols with seasonal songs. (The following version features accompaniment and solo items from Lynda Sayce (lute, theorbo, gittern, guitar) but may be adapted to be performed a cappella.)


Nowell, tydinges trew - English 15th century

Serafin que con dulce harmonia - Joan Cererols                     

Ave Maris Stella - Plainsong/C Monteverdi

Riu, riu, chiu - Mateo Flecha

Maria durch ein Dornwald - German trad.

Shen khar venakhi - Georgian Orthodox

Balulalow - Suzzie Vango

O Jesulein zart - Winnie Brückner     

The Scottish Hunt’s Up - Jacobean

Wexford carol - Irish trad. arr S Vango

Darkest midnight - Irish trad.

Behold, here is the best morning - Welsh trad.

Carol of the Bells - Leontovich arr E Drury

Dou way Robin/Sancta Maria - English 15th century

There is no rose - English 15th century

Sweet was the song the Virgin sang - English 15th century

Nativity - John Tavener

Corpus Christi carol - Britten arr W Brückner

River - Joni Mitchell arr J Clements

The snow it melts the soonest - Winnie Brückner

My Winter coat - The Roches

God says yes - Paul Carey

Veni, veni Emmanuel - Brückner/Michael J Trotta

MY heart is ready

A programme contrasting the rhapsodic chants of 8th century Byzantine Abbess Kassia with the lush harmonies of Russian and Armenian Orthodox music, together with folksongs and lullabies from Eastern Europe and the Baltics. Yuri Yukechev (b.1947) is a Russian composer living in Siberia. His music is little known in the West but his cantata My Heart is Ready, setting verses from the Psalms of David, is a stunning work for women’s voices. The 9th century nun Kassia led the most extraordinary life and is the earliest woman whose music is preserved in written notated form.


Yuri Yukechev -

My heart is ready                                                                   

·      In peace I lie down

·      Preserve me, O God

·      Turn thou to me

·      Turn from evil

·      I delight to do thy will


Kassia -

Tin pentachordon lyran (The five-stringed lute)                    

Doxazomen sou Christe (We praise your great mercy)          

Yper tin ton Hellenon (Above the teachings of the Greeks)  

I en polles amarties (The fallen woman)                                


Otche nash (Our Father) - Nikolai Kedrov

Crown of Roses - P I Tchaikovsky

Blagoslovi (Bless the Lord, O my Soul) - Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov

Movements from the All-Night Vigil Op 9 - Pavel Chesnokov

Shen Khar Venakhi - Trad. Georgian

Movements from Sharakans - Trad. Armenian arr Komitas

Lauliku lapsepoli - Veljo Tormis

O Jesulein zart - Winnie Brückner

Aylye, lulye - Trad. Yiddish

Brooms - Feodosiy Rubtsov

as she stood

(programme under development):

Settings of the Stabat Mater text interlaced with musical reflections on contemporary themes of waiting, motherhood and love.